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More than just a driveway.

Whether you’re shooting hoops with your kids or catching up with friends, your driveway is part of making memories. But it also needs to last and look great. Set the stage for life’s moments with a driveway that lasts for as long as the memories do.

Create the foundation for the lasting family memories and everyday moments that matter.

With generations of experience behind it, Fiorino is no stranger to the concrete business. With a precision eye for detail, Fiorino Concrete means care, expertise, and excellence - from start until you say we’re finished. That’s the Fiorino Promise.

Swirl Finish

Affordable and appropriate for a variety of projects, swirl concrete is a finish that gets the job done. Fast, easy and beautiful, swirl concrete is a great choice.

Stamped Finish

Stylish and durable, stamped concrete is a great choice. More economical with less maintenance when compared to other materials like stone or wood, it’s a stylish choice that’s built to last.

Broom Finish

Adding greater grip and improving water run off, broom finish concrete is a popular choice for driveways, patios and sidewalks where you need a practical solution that looks as great as it works.

Exposed Aggregate

A time-honoured finish that lets the base stone shine through, exposed aggregate goes well with many landscape designs. It’s a classic finish for a reason - high traction, durable and a look that lasts.

Coloured Finish

With many different pigments to choose from, we’ve got the concrete colour you want to match your home’s colour palette. From subtle to bold, we’ve got the colour finish you want.

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